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11/28/04 02:06 PM
Re: the 1974 David [re: thinwhiteme]  

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Its amazing, when you look at pictures how David looked through the Diamond Dogs tour

I know he looks guant and all the rest... But yes he looks good duznt he

People moaned at the David Live album cover, but I think it's FAB, plus there must have been a joke with that cover, I mean DAVID LIVE look at the cover, David just about Live more like.

Then again in interviews and 'Cracked Actor' yes he's a coke addict for sure, but as you say what an image to set with Diamond Dogs, interestingly enuff I find his two coke fueled albums Diamond Dogs and STATIONTOSTATION probably his best period for excellence, but If he was on Coke for those two albums, what about Young Americans was that also coke fueled? which beggars belief! a coke fueled soul album but it works brilliantly.

I often wonder just how much an addict he was and how much was just hearsay?


London Bye Ta-Ta...

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