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11/29/04 03:16 PM
Re: White lines and not so white lines? [re: Sysiyo]  

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as most biographies tend to paint a picture that he was using less coke while he was doing Young Americans.

Thanks for the information Sys, I've always thought it odd that Diamond Dogs and STATIONTOSTATION were very coke fueled and excellent albums ( ground breaking IMO ) and then there is the beautiful work of breathtaking soul music between those two albums in the name of Young Americans. strange he snorted less coke while recording that album? maybe the music was enuff of a stimulant for him, It's most certainly a wonderful album that shows his voice off to perfection, I've always longed for another soul type album off Mr Bowie.

So we have three of his most wonderfully adventurous albums from the 1970s all fueled by coke, I feel a tad guilty for loving these albums so much as I do, knowing he suffered so much for his art.


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