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11/29/04 03:39 PM
The lost "Oddity" returns.  

Now we have both David Live and Stage being re-released next Feb 05 in their correct playing order and 5.1 sound.

I was reading about the inclusion of the lost 'Space Oddity' that's on the new release of David Live apparently some radio DJ had a recording of it to play ( I never heard it ) Tony Visconti said "It was left out because David was singing into a telephone and the sound was naff" ( rather dated lingo I thought ) still never mind about that

Wouldn't it be a great idea to release this new live unheard of version as a single next year? to my knowledge it's been released four times I think? and all times done well, here is the greatest opportunity EMI have of making money on releasing this again, It always sells even to non Bowie fans.

I say EMI should definately give this some serious thought, think of the prestige of having this in the charts again

Your views are most welcome.

BTW on a similar vein isn't this lost ad for Mr Bowies only live single to date 'Knock On Wood' terrific


London Bye Ta-Ta...

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