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11/30/04 06:58 AM
Re: The lost "Oddity" returns. [re: pablopicasso]  

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There were also live singles released from Stage, Breaking Glass mainly, but blackout was released in some territories too

Yeah I forgot about 'Breaking Glass' I didn't know that 'Blackout' was released though?

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ArdentDesire said it was played on BBC6 last night.

Drat I missed that

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Wow! Good news!

Yes indeed FAB news Claude

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David Bowie's newest single:

Space Oddity (live 1974) from 'David Live'
backed with
Stay (live 1978) from 'Stage'
Rebel Rebel (live 1978) a track exclusive to this single

Now that Sys is one great idea and I think it's high time EMI did something like this for the real fans of Mr Bowie, plus it would most definately sell and is the perfect teaser release for buying both new remastered albums.

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Earls court recorded in London, UK by David Hemmings.

That is a crime not releasing that


London Bye Ta-Ta...

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