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(crash course raver)
05/12/05 04:05 AM
Re: Earthling [re: jump93]  

My best mate is mainly into metal, but also some drum and bass and dance. His favourite band is Nine Inch Nails. He told me he was surprised to learn of the overlap between the two for which I filled him in on the details. He also said he didn't really like Bowie's early stuff but recalls hearing 'Little Wonder' back in the day and really liked it. I then leant him Earthling, 1.Outside and a single with the video of 'I'm Afraid Of Americans' which he liked a lot. So this is a case of someone who is only really familiar and likes the contemporary Bowie.

On another occasion I was watching Top Of The Pops to catch Bowie's 'Slow Burn' performance. My female flat mate commented that he was about 30 years older than the also-appearing Ronan Keating, but looked far better!

Conversely I was watching BOB DVD when my other female flat mate (a real girly-girl into crappy pop) began to 'dig' the Never Let Me Down songs. Oh the humanity!

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