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(the voyeur)
07/17/05 09:36 PM
Re: DVD War [re: bowiefanpeter]  

MTV Video Vanguard

1984 - Beatles/Richard Lester/David Bowie(***not awarded***?)
1985 - David Byrne/Kevin Godley/Lol Creme/Russell Mulcahy
1986 - Madonna/Zbigniew Rybcynski
1987 - Julien Temple/Peter Gabriel
1988 - Michael Jackson(renamed the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award in 1991(?))
1989 - George Michael
1990 - Janet Jackson
1991 - Bon Jovi/Wayne Isham
1992 - Guns 'N Roses
1993 - ***not awarded***
1994 - Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers
1995 - R.E.M.
1996 - ***not awarded***
1997 - L.L. Cool J
1998 - Beastie Boys(Spike Jonze??)
1999 - ***not awarded***
2000 - ***not awarded***/RHCP(performance only????)
2001 - U2(with Ramones onstage)
2002 - ***not awarded***
2003 - Duran Duran(with major tape glitch error)
2004 - ?
2005 - Ashlee Simpson(projected)

I know well enough that seeking historical perspective from MTV is a very slippery slop. This is the same company that disposed of the original US Live Aid aired TV footage.

There are some missing names here: Queen, Missy Elliot, Elvis, Chris Cunningham, Blondie, Bjork, Hype Williams, Devo, ABBA, Weird Al, the guy that did the White Stripes videos, Nirvana and possibly Pink Floyd. Anyone else, Dara?


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