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Adam Administrator
(eden but no sham)
01/08/06 08:37 AM
Re: Concept Albums [re: PunkyTheDog]  

It would be good to see some sketch thoughts beside albums and songs as to people's ideas.

Some from me:

Hunky Dory - The Rise of the Glam Children (Homosuperior)

Changes - The rise of Bowie and the end of the old school of rock.
Oh You Pretty Things - The coming of the glam generation and dispensing with the old.
Eight Line Poem - The worthlessness of domesticity and introversion (the ways of the old generation?).
Life on Mars? - A young person's boredom within the current realm of escapism (film). The title and signature line hints at the Martian solution (Ziggy).
Quicksand - Dabling with various philosophies incl: the 'bullshit faith' of the homosapien, the heralding of the 'death of man', the coming of the 'mortal with the potential of a superman' - ie. Bowie.
Kooks - Raising a child with the new 'changed' ideals.
Andy Warhol, Song for Bob Dylan, Queen Bitch, Bewlay Brothers - Observing potential mentors of the new generation (Warhol, Dylan, VU and Terry) before incorporating certain aspects into his act (now the ticket's pawned, the dress is hung, the factor max that proved the fact, is melted down.....and woven on the edging of my pillow).

Hours - Youth, Fall and Redemption

Bowie's journey through life and music as evidenced by this discussion.

Heathen - Observations on the state of Heathenism

Sunday - Hopeless search for spirituality (that will ultimately be judged....by God?).
Cactus - Isolation from a lover as reflected through the loss of Christ - possible psychosis?
Slow Burn - Social fear from an opressive force (church? government?)
Afraid - Destructive idol worship that occurs in a godless society.
I've Been Waiting for You - Looking toward a partner to help end the destruction.
I Will Be Your Slave - Pleed for divine evidence.
A Better Future - Pleed for divine intervention.
Heathen The Rays - The finality of the heathen death.

The Last of the Disco Kings MP3 by Adam D Versus David B


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