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06/19/06 12:41 PM
Re: Random Pics [re: Shelle]  

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Is that his first true love in the photo, Hermione Fartinthegale or whatever her name was?

Forget the farting bit her real name was...Hermione Farthingale, I do believe she was his first true real love, how sweet.

I think he fell in love with her after seeing her in this film from 1970 "Song Of Norway"

Song of Norway
1970-USA-Musical Drama/Biography [feature]
N.Y. Times Review by Vincent Canby

This musical biography of Norwegian composer Edvard Grieg (Torval Maurstad) is based on the play of the same name. Living in poverty after graduating from a music conservatory, Grieg scandalizes his family by marrying his cousin Nina (Florence Henderson). Grieg has an affair with a former schoolmate, Therese Berg (Christina Schollin), a wealthy woman who makes a deal with her influential father to end the romance if he'll arrange a concert for Grieg in Stockholm. Grieg eventually travels to Rome, where his significance as an artist begins to find appreciation. His association with Therese is not really finished and Grieg's humble piano, a gift from the self-sacrificing Nina, is overshadowed by Therese's gift of a grand piano. Back to back with the subsequent and equally unsuccessful The Great Waltz (1972), the last two films of writer, producer, and director Andrew Stone ended his nearly 50 year career. ~ Karl Williams, All Movie Guide

Just found this...

(The 60s)
Hermione was a ballet dancer who studied at Lindsay Kemp's school. Having classes at Kemp's school as well, David and Hermione formed a relationship in the late sixties and broke up shortly afterwards. Hermione appeared in David's promotional video for Love You Till Tuesday. She had also appeared with fellow artist, musician and friend John Hutchinson in Bowie's dance/musical group, The Feathers. Hermione recognized the many failures David had to put up with. She probably did not think that David really had as much talent as he did. David states that Hermione had broken up with him after meeting another male dancer. David wrote Letter To Hermione on the album "Space Oddity" for her, as she remained in his mind until a while after he had met Angie.

I have no idea what she looks like now, or indeed if she is still alive?

London Bye Ta-Ta...

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