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07/15/06 11:54 AM
Re: Re-recording history [re: syndrome]  

And here's the splendid version of Space Oddity, in case you haven't heard it.

Just a nuance

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*Re-recording history  EmpireStateHuman07/15/06 09:39 AM
.*Heeeere cumz jahnee reeahd ageein...  ghostlove07/26/06 02:12 AM
.*Re: Re-recording history  sonofsilence07/23/06 05:01 AM
.*Re: Re-recording history  Dara07/21/06 05:41 AM
.*Re: Re-recording history  sonofsilence07/21/06 06:09 AM
.*Re: Re-recording history  skellaway07/21/06 07:34 AM
.*Re: Re-recording history  trendy rechauffe07/21/06 07:40 AM
.*Re: Re-recording history  littlechinagirl07/22/06 08:45 AM
.*Re: Re-recording history  Bamboo707/24/06 11:02 AM
.*Re: Re-recording history  Nature_Boy07/24/06 11:32 AM
.*Re: Re-recording history  Bamboo707/24/06 11:56 AM
.*Re: Re-recording history  sonofsilence07/24/06 11:15 AM
.*Re: Re-recording history  skellaway07/22/06 03:36 PM
.*Re: Re-recording history  diamondogz7407/22/06 03:43 PM
.*Re: Re-recording history  skellaway07/22/06 04:31 PM
.*Re: Re-recording history  diamondogz7407/23/06 03:09 PM
.*Re: Re-recording history  Forgotten_Boy07/23/06 11:03 PM
.*Re: Re-recording history  diamondogz7407/24/06 03:26 PM
.*Re: Re-recording history  russellmael07/24/06 06:05 AM
.*Re: Re-recording history  Forgotten_Boy07/24/06 08:19 AM
.*Re: Re-recording history  russellmael07/25/06 04:59 AM
.*Re: Re-recording history  sonofsilence07/22/06 04:57 PM
.*Re: Re-recording history  wannabebowie07/19/06 02:54 PM
.*No Gasoline  EJ07/19/06 03:00 PM
.*Re: No Gasoline  skellaway07/20/06 05:25 AM
.*Re: No Gasoline  Nature_Boy07/20/06 06:33 AM
.*Re: No Gasoline  Strawman07/20/06 06:40 AM
.*Re: Re-recording history  ghostlove07/18/06 00:38 AM
.*Re: Re-recording history  Nature_Boy07/18/06 04:40 AM
.*Re: Re-recording history  jump9307/24/06 12:36 PM
.*Re: Re-recording history  skellaway07/24/06 01:35 PM
.*Re: Re-recording history  DefecateEcstasy07/24/06 05:19 PM
.*Re: Re-recording history  skellaway07/25/06 10:21 AM
.*Re: Re-recording history  Bamboo707/24/06 01:06 PM
.*I Can't Re-read  th0mas07/26/06 05:03 AM
.*Re: Re-recording history  Nature_Boy07/17/06 09:11 AM
.*Re: Re-recording history  PunkyTheDog07/17/06 02:40 PM
.*Re: Re-recording history  diamondogz7407/17/06 09:35 AM
.*Re: Re-recording history  trendy rechauffe07/17/06 07:49 AM
.*Re: Re-recording history  schizophrenic07/17/06 11:59 AM
.*Re: Re-recording history  syndrome07/17/06 11:00 AM
.*The great lost Bowie genre  AdamAdministrator07/15/06 11:22 AM
.*Re: The great lost Bowie genre  jump9307/16/06 01:03 PM
.*Re: Re-recording history  EJ07/15/06 10:36 AM
.*Re: Re-recording history  Strawman07/15/06 10:29 AM
.*Re: Re-recording history  Strawman07/15/06 11:41 AM
.*Panic is spelt P-A-N-I-C  EmpireStateHuman07/15/06 10:50 AM
.*You are teasing...you have to be!  diamondogz7407/15/06 11:20 AM
.*You are sleeping... you do not want to believe  EmpireStateHuman07/15/06 11:47 AM
.*Re: You are sleeping... you do not want to believe  diamondogz7407/15/06 11:56 AM
.*Please Shut up   Strawman07/15/06 12:14 PM
.*Re: Please Open up!  diamondogz7407/15/06 03:26 PM
.*Re: Please Open up!  RabbitFighter07/17/06 06:28 PM
.*Re: Please Open up!  diamondogz7407/18/06 07:43 AM
.*Re: Please Open up!  DefecateEcstasy07/15/06 04:26 PM
.*Cast your vote.  diamondogz7407/16/06 08:14 AM
.*Re: Cast your vote.  kingsteved07/16/06 08:48 AM
.*Re: Cast your vote.  diamondogz7407/16/06 09:20 AM
.*Re: Please Open up!  sonofsilence07/15/06 04:43 PM
.*Re: Please Open up!  GreatApe07/15/06 10:35 PM
.*Re: Re-recording history  diamondogz7407/15/06 10:35 AM
.*Re: Re-recording history  syndrome07/15/06 10:29 AM
..Re: Re-recording history  Strawman07/15/06 11:54 AM
.*Re: Re-recording history  MaxwellS07/30/06 11:59 PM
.*Re: Re-recording history  diamondogz7407/31/06 10:43 AM
.*Re: Re-recording history  Pablo-Picasso08/04/06 03:29 PM
.*Re: Re-recording history  diamondogz7408/04/06 03:50 PM
.*Re: Re-recording history  syndrome07/15/06 01:51 PM
.*Re: Re-recording history  schizophrenic07/15/06 01:52 PM
.*Re: Re-recording history  syndrome07/15/06 02:05 PM
.*Re: Re-recording history  diamondogz7407/15/06 09:45 AM
.*I never thought I'd say this, but...  EmpireStateHuman07/15/06 10:03 AM
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