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(crash course raver)
01/10/07 03:07 PM
Bowie's Millions  

I recently watched a documentary called, "Bowie's Millions." The film was remarkable because it was unauthorized, and parts of it were brutally critical of David Bowie. I'm sure that if Bowie could have, he would have suppressed this documentary at all costs.

There were at least three moments that were astonishing. The first segment featured an interview with Nile Rodgers. Nile was explaining how much he influenced the music on Let's Dance, yet did not receive credit. He said that when Bowie brought him the demo to the title track, the song had a boring, plodding rhythm. Nile wrote the rhythm of the infectious guitar part, he said, the one that guides the entire song.

Nile then described how he showed Bowie the oriental guitar part that starts China Girl, and Bowie said, "That's fantastic." Nile then guided Bowie to the band, because Nile had already taught them the entire arrangement to this song.

Another segment featured an art curator who was appraising Bowie's paintings. The curator said that Bowie's paintings were "rubbish."

The third segment was an interview with Angie Bowie. She said that in 1976 she overheard a conversation between Bowie and Corinne Schwabb. Corinne said, of Angie, "She'll be dead soon." Bowie replied hopefully, "Do you think so?"

"Bowie's Millions" is a great documentary about Bowie. I wish there were more unauthorized material about him out there.

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