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(two inch thoughts)
04/22/07 05:23 AM
Bowie Interviews Himself in 80's for Swiss Airline  

Ive had this for years now. recorded it off the radio in 86. In this interview Bowie does both interviewer and interviewee for Swiss Airline Passenger inflight entertainment. There is also an American voice over giving the history of the man. Ive cut the songs short as you've heard them a million times.

In teh interview I find it intersting that he planned to make a move with Iggy Pop. Sounds like it was going to be down the lines of Capricorn One.

He also planned to bring a Compilation out in early 80's called Twilight. But then ChangesTwo came out instead. No wonder he was pissed off with RCA for doing that.

some of the tracks were going to be

Bewlay Bros
Sons of SIlent Age
Red Sails
Fantastic Voyage

Souns like it would have been pretty much like the S+V box set.

anyway happy listening...


by the way pt2 finishes short. I never managed to get the concluding part. If any of you out there have that. I would love to hear it after 21 years.

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