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07/29/07 09:40 AM
Bowie VS The Classics  

In spite of what one might expect, none of Bowie's 25 albums were the most critically acclaimed of their years. For shits and giggles, I'm asking you - the patently unbiased clientele of Teenage Wildlife - which album you prefer in each instance, the album Bowie released, or the most critically acclaimed album of the given year.You see what I'm saying? You'll sharp get the swing, I'm sure.

I'll be interested to see which years Bowie will take by a landslide, which he'll take by a smidge - and, shock horror, whether he'll maybe even LOSE a round or two! Time will tell! So, to kick us off, 1967:

Bowie VS The Classics
Bowie's David Bowie
The Velvet Underground & Nico
To be honest, I haven't heard both

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(PS: To simplify things, I'm pretending the two instances of Bowie "doubling up" ("Heroes" and Buddha) actually came out a few months later, and that Pin Ups just plain didn't happen. You know it makes sense).

I could be a genius if I just put my mind to it.

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.*White Stripes  Tristan07/31/07 11:14 AM
.*Re: White Stripes  7thLabyrinth08/01/07 02:35 AM
.*Re: White Stripes  Mxy08/01/07 07:20 PM
.*Stripey staying power  Forgotten_Boy07/30/07 09:04 AM
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.*Guessing he loves McCartney's recent offering  Strawman07/29/07 01:46 PM
.*Re: Bowie VS The Classics  Strawman07/29/07 01:02 PM
.*Re: Bowie VS The Classics  Adam07/29/07 10:41 AM
.*Re: Bowie VS The Classics  bowiefanpeter07/29/07 11:46 AM
.*1970  twister07/29/07 09:42 AM
.*1971  twister07/29/07 09:42 AM
.*1972  twister07/29/07 09:43 AM
.*1973  twister07/29/07 09:43 AM
.*1974  twister07/29/07 09:44 AM
.*1975  twister07/29/07 09:44 AM
.*1976  twister07/29/07 09:44 AM
.*1977  twister07/29/07 09:45 AM
.*1978  twister07/29/07 09:45 AM
.*1979  twister07/29/07 09:46 AM
.*1980  twister07/29/07 09:46 AM
.*1983  twister07/29/07 09:46 AM
.*1984  twister07/29/07 09:47 AM
.*1987  twister07/29/07 09:47 AM
.*1989  twister07/29/07 09:48 AM
.*1991  twister07/29/07 09:48 AM
.*1993  twister07/29/07 09:49 AM
.*1994  twister07/29/07 09:50 AM
.*1995  twister07/29/07 09:50 AM
.*1997  twister07/29/07 09:51 AM
.*1999  twister07/29/07 09:51 AM
.*2002  twister07/29/07 09:52 AM
.*2003  twister07/29/07 09:52 AM
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.*Re: Tubular Bell-ends  Strawman07/30/07 04:44 PM
.*1969  twister07/29/07 09:41 AM
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