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07/29/07 09:52 AM
2003 [re: twister]  

And finally....

Bowie VS The Classics
Bowie's Reality
Elephant, The White Stripes
To be honest, I haven't heard both

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I could be a genius if I just put my mind to it.

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*Bowie VS The Classics  twister07/29/07 09:40 AM
.*Re: Bowie VS The Classics  EJ08/20/07 06:19 AM
.*Re: Bowie VS The Classics  Tristan08/20/07 09:36 AM
.*Re: Bowie VS The Classics  EJ08/20/07 10:09 AM
.*This won't mean much since I'm an untermensch but  Shelle08/21/07 10:45 AM
.*Down South They Are Strange  EJ08/21/07 11:34 AM
.*Re: Bowie VS The Classics  7thLabyrinth08/20/07 11:21 PM
.*all i have to say  Emil08/20/07 07:54 AM
.*Re: all i have to say  EJ08/20/07 08:16 AM
.*Re: Bowie VS The Classics  RabbitFighter07/30/07 07:18 AM
.*Re: Bowie VS The Classics  Forgotten_Boy07/30/07 00:48 AM
.*Join the Wank Parade  Remade/Remodeled07/29/07 01:06 PM
.*Join whatever parade you like, bucko  twister07/29/07 01:21 PM
.*Re: Join whatever parade you like, bucko  guiltpuppy07/30/07 08:40 AM
.*From the Queen of England to the Diamond Dogs  twister07/31/07 06:07 AM
.*Re: From the Queen of England to the Diamond Dogs  guiltpuppy08/01/07 08:16 AM
.*White Stripes  Tristan07/31/07 11:14 AM
.*Re: White Stripes  7thLabyrinth08/01/07 02:35 AM
.*Re: White Stripes  Mxy08/01/07 07:20 PM
.*Stripey staying power  Forgotten_Boy07/30/07 09:04 AM
.*Arrested Development  Remade/Remodeled07/29/07 01:42 PM
.*Humph, already  twister07/30/07 02:11 PM
.*Guessing he loves McCartney's recent offering  Strawman07/29/07 01:46 PM
.*Re: Bowie VS The Classics  Strawman07/29/07 01:02 PM
.*Re: Bowie VS The Classics  Adam07/29/07 10:41 AM
.*Re: Bowie VS The Classics  bowiefanpeter07/29/07 11:46 AM
.*1970  twister07/29/07 09:42 AM
.*1971  twister07/29/07 09:42 AM
.*1972  twister07/29/07 09:43 AM
.*1973  twister07/29/07 09:43 AM
.*1974  twister07/29/07 09:44 AM
.*1975  twister07/29/07 09:44 AM
.*1976  twister07/29/07 09:44 AM
.*1977  twister07/29/07 09:45 AM
.*1978  twister07/29/07 09:45 AM
.*1979  twister07/29/07 09:46 AM
.*1980  twister07/29/07 09:46 AM
.*1983  twister07/29/07 09:46 AM
.*1984  twister07/29/07 09:47 AM
.*1987  twister07/29/07 09:47 AM
.*1989  twister07/29/07 09:48 AM
.*1991  twister07/29/07 09:48 AM
.*1993  twister07/29/07 09:49 AM
.*1994  twister07/29/07 09:50 AM
.*1995  twister07/29/07 09:50 AM
.*1997  twister07/29/07 09:51 AM
.*1999  twister07/29/07 09:51 AM
.*2002  twister07/29/07 09:52 AM
..2003  twister07/29/07 09:52 AM
.*The most interesting poll thread in weeks  Auntie Prism07/29/07 10:03 AM
.*The post to end all posts  KAdministrator07/30/07 03:14 PM
.*Honesty is the best policy  Auntie Prism07/30/07 03:38 PM
.*Re: Honesty is the best policy  KAdministrator07/31/07 06:38 AM
.*Re: Honesty is the best policy  RabbitFighter07/31/07 07:30 AM
.*Re: Honesty is the best policy  Strawman07/30/07 03:54 PM
.*Tubular Bell-ends  Auntie Prism07/30/07 04:31 PM
.*Re: Tubular Bell-ends  Strawman07/30/07 04:44 PM
.*1969  twister07/29/07 09:41 AM
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