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(grinning soul)
07/31/08 04:24 PM
Re: Tin Machine - Edited & Better? [re: jump93]  

Mind you, the entire point of Tin Machine (initially) was Bowie not
editing himself lyrically/musically....for better and worse.

Most disappointment for Bowie fans (and music fans in general) is
based on "expectation."
If you're feeling funky you don't put on Heathen you put on Y. Americans
or BTWN. If you wanna rock you don't put on Tonight or Hours. For instance,
Tonight can only be enjoyed poolside in the hot sun drinking Mai Tai's....

Imagine Tin Machine opening with the title track.....cool, short, direct song
with the added gimmick of being the name of the band. Would've been a
great way to introduce them to the public.....and it hinted at EVERYTHING
Bowie was trying to do with the project...

"Raging, raging, raging".....
"Come on and get a good idea, come on and get it soon".....
"Take me anywhere".....
"I'm neither red nor black or white I'm gray and blown to hell"....

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