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(grinning soul)
06/29/09 01:31 PM
Bowie the "enigma" or .......... ? [re: ]  

Someone mentioned that they wished Bowie had
died an "enigma" like Michael Jackson. I wonder
how many of you still yearn for the pre-83 Bowie ?

< insecure, drugged-out, evasive, ill-at-ease, kinky >

or the new clean, charming, engaging, self-aware, monogamous
version ?

Does anyone remember an article in NME in '87 with an Elephant
Man photo claiming (HOPING) that Bowie may not be that "normal"
after all....being that he'd just been charged with attacking a woman
with his teeth (like a Vampire) and telling her that he had AIDS ?
( In addition to saying he may need the drugs to be creative....)

At the time the backlash was in full steam and I admit I was baffled
as a fan at the time, but in retrospect this was a highly offensive article
and viewpoint, almost celebrating the fact that "hey, cool, Bowie's still
a weirdo cuz he bit some woman like a Vampire"..... (he's baaaaack!)

Who yearns for the coke-sniffing, depressed stick figure on Dick Cavett or
the evasive arrogant interviewee on the Russell Harty show or the insecure,
"just discovered soul" version that supposedly played the Young Americans
LP over and over and over again for Paul and Linda McCartney when they
made a visit......?

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