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08/18/09 05:57 AM
Bowie's Best Remixes? [re: ]  

A topic I rarely see broached - what db remixes, if any, match or transcend their studio counterparts?

One remix that really took me aback was the Rubber Mix of Hearts Filthy Lesson. Stripping away the claustrophobic wall of noise that defined the original, this version has a moody, introspective vibe that I didn't know the original was capable of. Plus, it's great to hear all of Mike Garson's piano parts clearly.

On that note, I should also point out that the version of Bring Me The Disco King from the Underworld soundtrack may be the single best thing to come out of Reality. All that remains from the original is Bowie's voice, and it turns out that that's all it needs - though I'm definitely fond of the original, there's a defiance and grandeur here that manages to outdo the original's cool melancholy.

The third example that springs to mind is the Nine Inch Nails V1 version of I'm Afraid Of Americans, though some of the more radical reinventions on that same EP are pretty cool too.

So yeah. Your thoughts?

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