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(wild eyed peoploid)
05/09/10 03:19 PM
(() BOWIE NON SEQUITURS ()) [re: ]  

* The Enemy is Fragile: Most amazing unreleased track !?

"Hello Leon, would you like something really fishy ?"
"You could've fought him to the death, but NOOOOO..."
"YOU ARE - Chinese poetry - YOU ARE - Something mysterious..."

* What a shame that Bowie held up the release date (some copies already
pressed) for Queen's Hot Space so they could remove his vocals from the
(quite splendid) track Cool Cat !

* Who's heard Alice Coopers concept album revolving around his father
(cleverly titled DADA) from 1983 ? The title track almost out-creeps
Bowie's Wishful Beginnings with the sounds of blood dripping throughout.
It's an instrumental with Cooper talking to his therapist. And check out
"I Love America".....great partner to "I'm Afraid of Americans."

* Who knows the "real" story behind Bowie's appearance at the US Festival
in 1983....his first American show in 5 years. After 8 hours of bands
Bowie takes a whopping unbelievable 3 hours to appear with people
slowly fading out (like a marathon dance contest).....after he played
Let's Dance a third of the crowd headed for the parking lot out of
sheer exhaustion. In a sense he really blew it considering he was paid
1.5 million......

* The album covers for the Stones Tattoo You and Heathen complement
each other nicely.....

* Am I the only one who thinks Toy would not have been the proper
re-introduction of Visconti and a good follow-up to "hours." ?!

* What songs do you think Morrissey and Bowie would have sung
together on the Outside Tour had he not scurried off... (other than
possibly "I Know It's Gonna Happen Someday?")

* Earl Slick's instrumental 1735 (solo album)
and Bowie's instrumental 1917 (hours b-side)..... any relation ?

* How funny that Bowie refused to be "in the same building" as Gary
Numan when they appeared on the same show in '80.....

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