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(wild eyed peoploid)
07/02/11 01:09 PM
||| BEST OF BOWIE - PHASE 2 ||| [re: ]  

I've indulged in a
completely subjective
overview/celebration of
which I consider to be
everything post NLMD/1987.

===ALBUM )))

===POP )))
===Miracle Goodnight
===A Better Future
===Everyone Says Hi
===Looking For Satellites
===Telling Lies (Adam F remix)

===ROCK )))
===Baby Universal
===The Buddha Of Suburbia
===The Pretty Things Are Going To Hell
===Let Me Sleep Beside You

===GOTH )))
===Wishful Beginnings
===The Heart's Filthy Lesson
===I Am With Name (Ramona A. Stone)

===Baby Can Dance
===Hallo Spaceboy
===Little Wonder
===Pretty Thing
===Seven Years in Tibet

===Untitled No. 1
===I'm Deranged
===The Last Thing You Should Do
===No One Calls
===Telling Lies ( Mark Plati remix )

===ANTHEM )))
===Never Get Old
===Under The God
===I'm Afraid of Americans

===INDIE (?!) ))
===I Can't Read
===Fall Dog Bombs The Moon
===Tin Machine
===Slow Burn

===Pallas Athena
===South Horizons
===Brilliant Adventure
===The Wedding
===Looking For Lester

===LOVE SONG )))
===I Would Be Your Slave
===The Wedding
===Prisoner Of Love
===You've Been Around

===Shopping For Girls
===She'll Drive The Big Car
===I Have Not Been To Oxford Town
===Bus Stop
===Black Tie White Noise

===COVER )))
===Pablo Picasso
===Nite Flights
===Waterloo Sunset
===I Feel Free
===Nature Boy

===A Hole In The Ground
===Silly Boy Blue
===Rebel Rebel (neutered-tho-nifty)
===Let Me Sleep Beside You
===Slip Away

===VIDEO )))
===Jump (They Say)
===Tin Machine (20 minute medley)
===The Hearts Filthy Lesson
===I'm Afraid of Americans
===Pablo Picasso (spectacular fan-made-YouTube!)

===DUET )))
===Gail Ann Dorsey
===Robert Smith
===Trent Reznor
===Annie Lennox

===Slow Burn (Pete Townshend)
===Looking for Satellites (Reeves Gabrels)
===Sunday-Live (Earl Slick)
===The Buddha of Suburbia (Lenny Kravitz)
===Heaven's In Here (Reeves Gabrels)

===The Cynic (Kashmir)
===Saviour (Kristeen Young)
===Province (TV on the Radio)
===Pretty Pink Rose (Adrian Belew)
===Nature Boy (Massive Attack)

===Madonna (Pretty Thing)
===Andy Warhol (I Can't Read)
===Ted Bundy (Video Crime)
===Cher (Hammerhead)
===Michael Jackson (Shopping For Girls)
===Jesus (Bus Stop)
===Brueggel (Goodbye Mr. Ed)
===Velvet Underground (Crack City)
===Pablo Picasso
===Sex Pistols (Goodbye Mr. Ed)
===Golem (Goodbye Mr. Ed)
===Uncle Floyd (Slip Away)
===Glen Branca/Sonic Youth (Tin Machine)

===Removing Too Dizzy from Never Let Me Down
===Not attending/taking seriously Rock & Roll Hall of Fame
===Passing on Knighthood
===No Reality Shows, hourly tweets/blogs, etc...
===Son Duncan became killer Director, not musician +
===Kept his ticket prices startling low
===Kept promise of creating brand new exciting body of

===Lords Prayer-Queen Concert
===BTWN album promo of lazy lip-synced videos
===(had a full band-coulda played one gig & taped it!)
===Oy Vey Baby-(not even close to the best performances)
===Sound & Vision touring band (stripped of all nuance-
===Bowie's command of "broad strokes" - bad move)
===Striking Jesus pose's in a lime green suit & Versace shirt!
===Blaming his 80's output on peers like Phil Collins &
===Paula Abdul (I guess he forgot about the Smiths,
===Echo, Cocteau Twins, Kate Bush, Cure....even Michael
===Jackson or Thompson Twins for god's sake ! )

===Fan threw a lollipop stick in his eye
===NIN concert-goers walked out in droves
===Record Sales & Airplay (at least in US) DISMAL !
===Any critical respect "cautious"
===Axl Rose / Morrissey storm off stage if so much as an
===empty beer cup is thrown at them - Bowie attempts to
===finish a concert even though he's having a fucking
===heart-attack !!

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