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EJSunday Moderator
07/13/04 09:52 AM
Fellow Countrymen [re: Adam]  

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I am partly impressed and partly ashamed that you have heard of John Farnham

Everybody who was above the age of 10 in the middle 80s in Western Europe will have heard of him. And many will have suffered like Dara and myself.

A bit of a trick on your side, Adam, to occupy Shane McGowan for your country only because he sings of Australian veterans celebrating war horror as triumph (or does Shane have any Aussie roots?). And they didn't even win that battle. A top class song. Truly and thoroughly brilliant.

I liked Midnight Oil in the 80s as they sounded quite rocking and even rebellious for those times. Today I find them very dated though.


Top 10 Australian musicians from the top of my head:

- Nick Cave
- Crowded House
- The Church (Newzeelanders, who cares)
- The Bee Gees (of English origin, but who isn't in Australia?)
- The Go-Betweens
- The Saints

Not quite ten but I couldn't think of more.

Sherbet's "Howzat" was fun when it came out but there wasn't more good stuff to follow.

And I want to believe
In the madness that calls 'now'

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