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(stardust savant)
08/25/04 09:41 AM
David Live and Stage  

Direct from BowieNet...

It is with much pleasure that I can tell you about the EMI reissues of both the out-of-print Bowie live albums, David Live and Stage. Both are scheduled for a February 21st 2005 release and will be available on two formats; double CD and DVDA.

Each of the albums has brand new stereo and 5.1 surround sound mixes by Tony Visconti and include extensive sleeve notes by both Tony himself and chronologies by my childhood sweetheart, Kevin Cann.

At the moment it looks like the DVDAs may also include the original mixes of the vinyl versions of the albums, but the most exciting thing about both releases for many fans will be the extra tracks and the return to the original running order of the shows.

Here's the new track listing for both releases:

David Live

01 1984
02 Rebel Rebel
03 Moonage Daydream
04 Sweet Thing/Candidate/Sweet Thing (reprise)
05 Changes
06 Suffragette City
07 Aladdin Sane
08 All The Young Dudes
09 Cracked Actor
10 Rock 'n' Roll With Me
11 Watch That Man
12 Knock On Wood
13 Here Today, Gone Tomorrow
14 Space Oddity (previously unreleased)
15 Diamond Dogs
16 Panic In Detroit (first issue on CD)
17 Big Brother
18 Time
19 The Width Of A Circle
20 Jean Genie
21 Rock 'n' Roll Suicide


01 Warszawa
02 "Heroes"
03 What In The World
04 Be My Wife (previously unreleased)
05 Blackout
06 Sense Of Doubt
07 Speed Of Life
08 Breaking Glass
09 Beauty And The Beast
10 Fame
11 Five Years
12 Soul Love
13 Star
14 Hang On To Yourself
15 Ziggy Stardust
16 Art Decade
17 Alabama Song
18 Station To Station
19 Stay (previously unreleased)
20 TVC 15

Over the coming weeks I'll be posting an exclusive interview with Tony Visconti regarding both albums along with some of the pictures and details from the beautiful new packaging.

We'll also be running an exciting competition nearer the release date, where a handful of BowieNetters will get to attend an exclusive David Live listening party in 5.1 at the legendary Abbey Road studios in London.

Total Blam Blam - (BowieNet News Editor)

Great to see the additional tracks and proper running order, and finally Panic in Detroit. Wonder why Here today, gone tomorrow is placed where it is though,I thought it was a soundcheck song? These are going to be great.

If at first you don't succeed, it probably wasn't worth doing in the first place

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