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02/12/05 07:57 AM
Re: UPDATES and Niggles&odd reviews [re: pablopicasso]  

Some news of the much anticipated release of David Live and Stage I was reading a review from amazon this morning that states this...

The new edition restores the original running order and tacks on the tracks "Space Oddity" and "Panic in Detroit". Also featured are unusual renditions of familiar tracks such as "The Jean Genie", "Rock'n'Roll Suicide" and "All the Young Dudes".

So whats unusual about those unusual tracks?

Then this awful description...

For many, their choice of favourite David Bowie album is an easy one. Ziggy? Hunky Dory? Let's Dance? For me, though, this 1974 over-the-top, drug-crazed extravaganza is the one. Unfortunately for me, I'm the only Bowie fan I know who can make this claim. Sure, the playing in parts is patchy, the production not always up to the mark, and the set list unfamiliar to many. But the atmosphere of the show permeates everything and Bowie's vocals are superbly dramatic as he wrings every drop of emotion from the performance

Then to top that this...

If you enjoy Bowie-lite, go somewhere else. However, if you prefer your Bowie full-on, this is the CD that repays repeated plays

Bowie-lite duz it come in a can.

Now for niggles at Bowienet concering the posting of images regarding the two new re-issues, we have this...

Ahead of the 5.1 listening party at Abbey Road and despite a spoiler being posted by a BowieNetter on a Bowie fansite's MBs, I thought I'd give a little tease of what's to come to those of you that don't want the complete contents of the forthcoming new versions of David Live and Stage revealed in their entirety just yet.

It seems from a post from an antipodean BowieNetter on our own MBs that some territories have jumped the gun and are already selling the releases. We expect that kind of behaviour in Holland and even Ireland, but Australia!? };-) Oh well, spilt milk.

Perhaps if Bowienet had got their messages out earlier! this would not be the case

Images courtesy Bowienet 05

London Bye Ta-Ta...

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