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04/07/05 01:05 PM
Bowie/Aronofsky/Mansell rumours  


I first read about Aronofsky (director of Pi and Requiem for a Dream) claiming Bowie told him he was planning a Watchmen rock opera on April Fool's, so I assumed it was a joke (though the website claimed it wasn't). Now another website mentions this, on an article about a visit to the set of Aronofsky's new sci-fi movie "The Fountain", and adds a rather odd rumour about a collaboration between Bowie and Clint Mansell. This isn't an entirely reliable website, being a rumours-site, but they're often right.

Here's the important part:

In reply to:

I couldn’t help but dig into some seriously spoilery material with everyone, and they were all surprisingly forthcoming. We heard some cool news about David Bowie, who is working with Mansell to write a new Major Tom song for the end of the film. His “Space Oddity” was one of the things that first inspired Aronofsky, and the way he portrays the desolation of deep space travel certainly calls that song to mind. We also learned that Bowie grilled Aronofsky about his involvement with WATCHMEN. Turns out Bowie’s working on a rock opera version of WATCHMEN on his own, although details about that production are still tentative.

Bring back Bowie's moustache!

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