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(crash course raver)
01/09/06 05:50 PM
Life On Mars - New BBC Series  

Anyone catch this on BBC 1 tonight?

Its the BBC's new series whereby a police detective investigating a serial killer is knocked over by a car and awakens to find himself in 1973 investigating a case by the same killer and trying to "put right what once went wrong".

Anyways no guessing as to where the title comes from. The transitional segment from 2006 to 1973 was quite smartly done. The detective climbs out of his car after narrowly missing hitting another car. He notices Bowie's 'Life On Mars?' playing on his ipod which gradually builds in volume until he is knocked over by another car. He awakens in 1973, and walks over to his now retro car to find 'Life On Mars?' playing on the radio. He then looks around at the altered landscape as 'Life On Mars?' builds to a fantastic crescendo.

The soundtrack was very cool throughout and also featured the Bowie related Lou Reed track 'I'm So Free'

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