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(legendary cowboy)
04/15/06 07:40 AM
Bjork stalking [re: kintanofan]  

November 30, 2005

Iceland pop star Bjork is training to fulfill her ambition of sailing around the world.
The singer is currently taking a 10-week course to captain a 30 ton boat, and when completed she will embark on an epic journey with her boyfriend Matthew Barney and their three-year-old daughter Isadora.
She says, "It has always been my ambition. I have homes all over the place at the moment - Iceland, England and France - but I'd love for my home to be a boat so that I can take it wherever I go.
"The course I'm taking tests whether I have the balls to do this. So I'm having to work hard and behave myself. My life's always changing - I'm constantly looking for new things. I'm never still. My theory is that life on a boat could be great."


I don't think she's had time yet. She was in Reykjavik for Christmas and New Year plus she performed 3 songs at a nature benefit concert in Reykjavik on January 7, 2006. Then she traveled with UNICEF UK to Banda Aceh in Indonesia to view some of UNICEF's work with children affected by the Asian tsunami. She was taken there by Unicef as a goodwill ambassador. In March she was spotted at the Magic Kingdom at Disney World in Florida with her daughter Isadora and at the New York premiere of DR9.
I don't think she's had time to do her little sea venture. And it's funny to read in the artical above that she's behaving herself. She spent New Years Eve getting drunk with Quentin Tarantino. You can read about that in the artical below.


From World Entertainment News Network

Movie-maker QUENTIN TARANTINO is convinced he has tasted poison after sampling Iceland's favourite alcohol over New Year.

The KILL BILL director joined pal BJORK and friends in Iceland to ring in 2006 and now he can't get the taste of awful, intoxicating licorice out of his mouth.

He says, "I don't really know what poison tastes like, because if I did I'd be dead, but, if I had to imagine what poison would taste like, it would be this stuff Opal.

"It's based on this candy that the Icelanders have eaten since they were a little kid, so they're used to the taste, so they love it.

"I was in this club and Bjork was there and she grabs me up to the bar and (the bartender) sets up like three shots... My gag reflex was doing a decathlon at that point.

"This stuff is so foul that I said what I never thought I'd ever say in my life - when it came down to the fourth shot I go, 'Can I switch to Jagermeister (hardcore herb liquor), just for the taste?'"


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