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01/29/09 05:00 PM
Re: Bowie Working on New Material in Berlin [re: emptysmellmetal]  

"Doesn't it seem
strange to have a musician like Bowie not making any more music
videos because "they wouldn't get played anyways" when he
could just purchase a station on cable, etc.....!!??"

He also said because there's no money in it anymore. Which is a bit sad and I hope he was half joking. I mean every person should be allowed to make money from their endeavours, but the music video is like a short piece of seemingly spontaneous creativity, where you could practically be as creative as you want to be regardless of the music. He used to think that way with music videos... but just because people don't play them or there's no money in it, it doesn't mean he doesn't have to shine in his own creative fervour. He should just embrace the music video again and say "fuck you" to MTV. Just make them to be creative...that's what produces really groundbreaking stuff, like Ashes To Ashes... yes or possibly really shit stuff like Day In Day Out. But either way, just go for it Bowie for crying out loud... Where's that spirit he used to have? (No not the vodka).

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