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10/05/09 11:15 PM
Questions to Iggy [re: Adam]  

This seems like a strange combination, Iggy Pop and LEGO Rock Band. How did it come about?

Iggy Pop:
They asked. There's not much I won't do if you asked nicely.

Have you been part of a video game before? Do you play any video games yourself?

Iggy Pop:
No, but I've always wanted to be a toy and enjoy the freedom that comes with that. So it's a dream come true.

So how would you describe what you look like as a LEGO rocker?

Iggy Pop:
Like a terror. Kind of like the Energizer Bunny pissed off.

What are your thoughts about the current music video game trend? Many say its a lazy way to try to produce music. Others say it engages listeners in music and may light a spark in some to create music on their own. Do you come down on one side of that argument?

Iggy Pop:
When I was a kid, the first records that spoke to me were novelty songs, like Charlie Brown by the Coasters or The Witch Doctor and Flying Saucer records in the 50s. Later, as my tastes developed, of course, I changed, but these silly songs got me started. So I say I come down on the 'let the kids have some fun and get into it' side of the argument.

What songs of yours will be in the game? (How did you choose them?)

Iggy Pop:
The Passenger, and I didn't choose it they did and it's a good choice.

(Questions answered via e-mail - sourced from Mike Snider of USA Today)

"[Elton John] is a cunt ... and one day I will tell you why ..." ~ David Bowie, 1973.

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