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03/25/04 10:21 AM
Ronson on Bowie, #3 [re: ziggfried]  

“He’s an amazing bloke, though, Dave...Even though he could be the biggest prat in the world. You know, he could be your biggest friend for one week, or for two weeks, then suddenly you might be with him in front of 100 people and he’d just put you down. Make you feel like such a fuckin’ fool. And you’d think, ‘I could fuckin’ stab him for that.’ He’s done it to me lots of times. But you can’t help but like him, for all that…we should never have stopped playing. We should never have stopped...The fuckin’ Master Plan...I never believed in all that. It might have seemed great as an idea - but fuck, those plans never work. I remember the first Ziggy tour, he was so happy then. He loved it all and we were having the time of our lives. And it got knocked on the head. It was such a fuckin’ shame. America affected the band so badly. On whatever level you want to talk about. I’m talking about the feeling of people within the band, about money, and the position of people in the band. It was a bad feeling....I’m going to be over there in two weeks...and I’m going to see Dave as soon as I get there...I’m going to get hold of him and smack him across the head, right across the earhole, and try to drum a bit of sense into him...”

Melody Maker, April 1975 (reprinted in Uncut, October 1999)

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