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EJSunday Moderator
03/25/04 10:23 AM
Noel Gallagher  

"When I was growing up all the sixth formers at school were into Bowie, and they all wore long overcoats and floppy hats. It wasn't until I started reading about the Sex Pistols and you go back to the Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders From Mars phase, when they were a fucking' excellent rock-and-roll band. They were like a punk band. They were influenced by the Stooges as well. You can see the Stooges and the MC5 influenced David Bowie. I can see that anyway. If you listen to like Diamond Dogs, that's just like MC5 to me. Even the lyrics and all that. [He starts to sing.] "When they pulled you out of the oxygen tent/You asked for the latest party/Young girl they call them the Diamond Dogs." That's punk rock to me. All music tied in somewhere along the line to it's forebearers. And if it ever stops that's going to me a sad day for music. When people are too scared to pull the bits out of the sky, it's going to be a sad day."

Noel Gallagher, Addicted To Noise interview: Oasis' Noel Gallagher Wants To "Live Forever" - Meet the architect of the Oasis sound. March 1995.

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