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05/02/04 10:57 AM
Martin Scorsese  

“Back in 1983 we originally cast Sting, and I think part of what we did was something that William Wyler and the writers sort of did for Ben-Hur, and that was that the Jewish in Ben-Hur were played by Americans, and the Romans were played by British, just for a change in accent…So we did the same here. That wasn’t necessarily to imply anything in a derogratory way about the British, but it gave us a clear change in accent, a very precise change in accent, different from the accents of the Apostles…We felt that Pontius Pilate should be young and imperious in a way, and have a certain charisma…Five or six years later, Sting was unavailable, and I’m a great fan of David Bowie, and I asked him if he would do it, and he said he would. So he came down to Meknés for about three days, and we had a leather toga created for him.”

Martin Scorsese, audio commentary for The Last Temptation Of Christ: The Criterion Collection, recorded in 1997

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