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11/02/04 08:51 AM
Davey 'n' Dougie [re: ziggfried]  

"A very funny story about the Velvets, I told Lou this for the very first time in rehearsals the other day and couldn't believe it. When I first came to America - very early 70's - a friend of mine said, 'Oh, the Velvets are on down at the..' I think it was the Electric Circus. So I went down there to look at them and they were wonderful, they did all my favourites..."Heroin".. you know, all the finger clickin' songs, and "White Light" and "Waiting For The Man" and it was so fantastic and after the show was over I went backstage, and Lou Reed came to the door and I started talking to him about all the music, about how much of an influence they had been on me, and I seemed to be the only bloke in Britain who had ever heard of 'em and all that. And we chatted for about an hour and he was wonderful...a really nice guy. A week later when I met my American friend again he said 'What do you mean you talked with Lou Reed, he left the band years ago.' I said, 'I sat down and talked with him,' he said 'No, that was Doug Yule, the guy who'd took over,' I said 'God.' When I told Lou the other day he said 'You know, I did a book signing the other week and I looked at the back of the crowd and I saw Doug Yule at the end of the line waving at me.' (laughs) Now I think Doug Yule has become more mysterious than Lou Reed in a strange way. The enigmatic Doug Yule.."

David Bowie, ChangesNowBowie (BBC Radio One), 8 January 1997

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