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Adam Administrator
03/13/05 05:23 PM
We Are All Made of Stars [re: schizophrenic]  

What did David Bowie make of the opening track of 18 – ‘We Are All Made of Stars’?

"It’s funny because I just emailed him recently and I said, ‘on a subconscious level I think I was influenced by ‘Heroes’. The guitar in ‘Heroes’. And he wrote me back and said, ‘on a subconscious level I’m not offended and I think it’s a wonderful song’. The weird thing about ‘We Are All Made of Stars’ was I never thought of it as being influenced by Bowie. All of a sudden the song comes out and people keep saying that it reminds them of Bowie. It wasn’t intentional. I was actually thinking more of early new wave stuff like Magazine."

Moby Interview By Chris Hollow, Tarantula Snad Pebble Fanzine, May 6, 2002

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