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Adam Administrator
04/19/05 04:27 AM
Moby [re: ziggfried]  

"David Bowie is my favourite musician of the twentieth century - David Bowie and George Gershwin - and I don't ever set out to make songs that are homages to my favourite musicians, but I think I end up doing that, unintentionally. I mean, there's one song on the record called "Spiders", which is very much an homage to David Bowie, I mean, lyrically and sonically and what happened with that was I had heard that David Bowie had had a heart attack and - this might sound morbid and I hope it doesn't - I imagined what it would have been like if David Bowie had died and so "Spiders" was sort of a song written as if David Bowie had died and hopefully he won't die. Hopefully he'll live to be 170 years old, but... So that's... "Spiders" is very specifically an homage to David Bowie and the rest of the record, if it does have a David Bowie-esque quality to it, it's not intentional, but you know, you can't help but be influenced by the records you loved when you were growing up."

Moby, Interview on www.alive.com

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