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07/13/05 01:55 PM
Re: Brian Eno [re: EuropeanCanon]  

Alan Moore: In 1976, you commenced a string of remarkable collaborations with David Bowie, starting with Low. What was it like working together on those albums? Did you have a sense that this is something quite momentous?
Brian Eno: We played together in what must have been a great show I think at The Rainbow. He was headlining. Roxy Music was support band and it was a real sort of battle of the bands thing and all the music papers couldn't decide who'd been best. But it was a good show though. But I didn't know him well. He went through a very bad period in the mid-70's with cocaine and apparently he said to me sometime later that he'd used Discreet Music as the soundtrack of his recovery. He'd only been listening to that one record over and over and so that was sort of the basis on which we started to work together. That was all done very quickly as well. It's very hard to remember in an detail what we did. There's an Indian saying, “The fruit ripens slowly, but falls suddenly,” and I think there was some... a lot of ideas that he'd had and that I'd had that had been ripening for a long, long time and suddenly when we met in that studio... whoop... it all came together, really without any discussion or any argument that I can remember at all.

Brian Eno, BBC Radio 4's Chain Reaction, 24 May 2005

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