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07/13/05 01:58 PM
Re: Brian Eno [re: ziggfried]  

Alan Moore: ...from some of your comments in the diary (A Year With Swollen Appendices) that you kept for a year and also from many of your own lyrics, there is an incredible sense of humour, and its obviously something that you do have an interest in. British comedy - what are your thoughts?
Brian Eno: Actually, I think that is our great export, comedy. I think British comedy is really very good indeed. Much better than British football, actually. What I like about it is that it's very experimental. It really does pull in ideas from everywhere. If you think of The Goon Show which was radio Dadaism really. I can remember my Dad, a postman, being totally gripped by The Goons, and it was about as experimental as anything that was going on in the culture at the time...and then Peter Cook and Dudley Moore, who are the two characters that Bowie and I always slip into whenever we meet... [general laughter]...
Alan Moore: That conjures quite an image.
Brian Eno [In the voice of Pete 'n' Dud]: "We only ever talk to each other like this... so... done any new music lately?"... [general laughter]. It's true. We hardly ever have a conversation in any other voice in fact... [more laughter]... so next time you listen to "Heroes"...[more laughter]... "We could be heroes Dud... just for one day."

Brian Eno, BBC Radio 4's Chain Reaction, 24 May 2005

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