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07/29/05 01:31 PM
Re: Brian Eno [re: ziggfried]  

“What [Brian Eno] injected to my music …is a totally new way of looking at it, or another reason for writing. He got me off narration, which I was so intolerably bored with. Narrating stories, or doing little vignettes of what at the time I thought was happening in America and putting it on my albums in convoluted fashion: Philadelphia, or New York or Los Angeles, "Panic In Detroit" and "Young Americans". Singer-songwriter askew. And Brian really opened my eyes to the idea of processing, to the abstract of communication. I don't think we agree with each other on everything. We're certainly not that simpatico where we embrace what each other say's with open arms. It's possible also that my word-manipulation in songs has slightly changed his ideas. He enjoys the way that I work with words and melodies.”

David Bowie, Melody Maker, February 1978

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