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12/26/05 12:20 PM
Guns N' Roses  

"Bowie and I had our differences [Bowie visited Guns N' Roses during the shoot of the "It's So Easy" video; Bowie paid too much attention to Axl's girlfriend Erin Everly, and Axl punched him and threw him off the set]. And then we talked and went out to dinner and then went down the China club and stuff. And when we left, I was like, "I wanna thank you for being the first person thatís ever come up to me in person and said how sorry they were about the situation and stuff." It was cool, you know? And then I open up Rolling Stone the next day and thereís a story in there saying Iíve got no respect for the Godfather of Glam even though I wear make-up and all this bullshit... Itís laughable. I was out doing a soundcheck one day when we were opening for the Rolling Stones and Mick Jagger and Eric Clapton cornered me. Iím sittiní on this amp and all of a sudden theyíre both right there in front of me. And Jagger doesnít really talk a lot, right? Heís just real serious about everything, and all of a sudden heís like (adopts exaggerated Dick Van Dyke-style Cockney): "So you got in a fight with Bowie, didja?" So I told him the story real quick and him and Clapton are going off about Bowie in their own little world, talking about things from years ago. They were saying things like when Bowie gets drunk he turns into the Devil from Bromley....I mean, Iím not even in this conversation. Iím just sittiní there. Listening to Ďem bitch like crazy about Bowie. It was funny."

Axl Rose, Kerrang, 21 April 1990

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