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11/06/06 04:03 AM
Mark Hamill  

"I remember [shooting Star Wars] in North Africa, outside the cantina is that big lizard...? What do they call them? Dewbacks! There you go. And I thought, there's lots of time to kill, I'm going to climb up inside this thing. Everybody got really upset for me because I'd come out pouring sweat and have to go back to makeup and dry my hair and all that because it's like being in a little portable sauna bath but I moved the head around and got the feel of what it would be like if I were the guy inside operating him and the inside was almost like papier-maché, covered in a lot of newspapers with paste and I remember just before I got out, pausing to read a review of a David Bowie concert that was pasted on the inside of this dewback. And I thought, "How odd! This is a real moment, to be in North Africa, making a movie with Alec Guinness, inside a giant lizard, reading a David Bowie review." (laughs)

Mark Hamill, Home Theater interview, 1 October 2004

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