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02/19/07 08:57 AM
Sly Stone  

"I remember being over a dealer's one night when Sly Stone walked in. I looked like this ultra mid-America person, but with (laughs) blond and red hair that was all stuck to my scalp with "product," they call it these days, hairspray in those days. And he walked in and looked at me and he said, (ironic Sly Stone voice) "Huh! Bet he takes a lot of drugs." I was angry, because I did take a lot of drugs! "How dare you! I'm David Bowie! I do more drugs than you've fucking looked at!" It was so funny, it was hysterical. We met each other a long time after that and laughed about that. But it seemed so offensive. I thought, he's judging me by the clothes I wear! Is that funny or what? His whole thing was, who's this straight? And I was so angry. I wanted to go (breathless Tony Hancock voice), "Let me tell you how many drugs I take!""

David Bowie, Q magazine, October 1999

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