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(absolute beginner )
07/08/02 04:15 PM
New Bowie TV Apperances Wanted on VHS  

I'm looking for the following videos in excellent quality on VHS (in the NTSC U.S. video format):
2002 Conan O'Brien (Slow Burn, Cactus and Interview)
1999 Rosie O'Donnell (Thursday's Child and Interview)
1999 Later with Jools Holland (Something in the Air, I only need this one from this show as I have the others)
2002 Top of the Pops (Slow Burn)
2002 Top of the Pops 2 (Fame)
2002 Top of the Pops 2 (I Took a Trip on a Gemini Spaceship)
I can either purchase or trade for these. Please email me at: nanb@wi.rr.com Thanks much!

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