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(grinning soul)
07/13/02 05:08 PM
Rare album  

How hard is it to find a copy of the Rare album released back in...'83 or '82 (I don't remember which exact)?
I found a tape copy at a used music store a couple years ago. Was this particular album in high rotation, is it a rarity??????

I joined the grave dancers union, I had to file.

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*Rare album  TalentedChild07/13/02 05:08 PM
.*I found it on Ebay!  sondra07/31/02 08:29 AM
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.*Re: Rare album  davidsontrent07/14/02 00:49 AM
.*Re: Rare album  poorsoul07/22/02 08:03 AM
.*Dixon's on Brunnie street for a start, LOL!  Vicious07/14/02 06:51 AM
.*Re: Dixon's on Brunnie street for a start, LOL!  kingsteved07/14/02 09:05 AM
.*Re: Dixon's on Brunnie street for a start, LOL!  martyn07/15/02 03:43 AM
.*Bowie not-so-Rare  WildWind07/13/02 07:24 PM
.*Thanks much, WildWind  TalentedChild07/15/02 06:57 PM
.*Re: Thanks much, WildWind  dukewhite07/22/02 02:51 AM
.*Bowie doing Berry  WildWind07/15/02 08:31 PM
.*Re: Thanks much, WildWind  globule207/15/02 08:16 PM
.*huh?  SoulLoveChild07/22/02 02:04 AM
.*Re: huh?  globule207/22/02 10:23 AM
.*hmmmm  SoulLoveChild07/22/02 06:24 PM
.*Re: huh?  Earthling707/22/02 02:30 AM
.*And I just heard the song "45," too...  WildWind07/15/02 08:33 PM
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