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(grinning soul)
09/14/03 03:41 PM
Funny Collector Stories  

Way back in the 1980's I found an original poster from the Movie "Man Who Fell To Earth" selling for $150. I HAD to have it and since I'd seen the same poster in another shop selling for like $400 bucks, it seemed like a bargain. I saved my money bussing tables and went and bought it.

Around this same time a friend who worked at a record store gave me a promo poster for the "Jazzing For Blue Jean" video they were selling. It was cool and I threw it up on the wall. I never hung the movie poster, believing it to be too valuable. When I went to college I just ripped the "Jazzing" poster down and threw it away. Who would care?

So a few months ago I decided to check out what the MWFTE poster was worth on EBAY. It took a long time to find one for sale and finally it sold for like $150.

But I also found a promo poster for the "Jazzing For Blue Jean" that sold for $300. Who knew?

This shrewd investment stategy of mine has followed me to this day...

Like father, life son: One Term Only!

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