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(crash course raver)
09/14/03 05:18 PM
Re: Funny Collector Stories [re: JimLong]  

That sort of thing could haunt a person for life!
When the Beatles anthology book came out in 2000 I was in holiday in Florida, after reading about it in a news paper I went to the Virgin megastore. The book came with a very special round poster limited to 2000 worldwide, when I got home to the UK I took the poster out to look at it to find that there were 2 of them, i am still happy about that to this day. They must be worth a fortune, does anyone else have one? I would love to know how much they are worth. They are round with the apple logo on the back with the Beatles on the front, they are thick high quality card and I'm sure that it had the smell of apple.

"The sex is in the rhythm"

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