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(wild eyed peoploid)
09/26/03 06:18 PM
Bowie tape.  

This is a different spin on the CD vs. Vinyl debate.

I was sorting out some records and stuff today, and I found some old cassette versions of Bowie albums that I haven't listened to since CD's became the norm... and I put them on.

WOW! The sounded a whole lot better than the CDs... obviously the Remastering lost something, and a lot of the mixes are quite different... the Tapes is warmer and more ... dense ... than the CDs. Even the slightly different track running orders give a different spin on the albums... the aural equivalent of the actual 'sound' differences. If that makes sense.

The analogue hiss and analogue sound revealled memories that I thought lost. The whole feel of the recordings is so different. I recommend all you old time fans dig out the cassettes and see what happens after all the years listening to the sterile compact discs.

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