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(wild eyed peoploid)
10/14/03 06:13 AM
Re: Bowie tape. [re: Dan Dare]  

I'm not sure it is the 'warmth' thing lots of people suggest about digital sound carriers... in my experience the problem is with the digital remixing not getting the levels of the instruments correct when they put songs back together again.

Compare RCA Station To Station (the second half of the song) (any format) and the Ryko Disc version. It hangs limp, the soaring backing vocals are a touch quieter and the guitar is a bit more hidden. Together it rips the heart from the song.

Dr Toby Mountain did a good job, but it perhaps was rushed (??)

Also compare the recent ZS reissue for the digital technicians cocking up a remaster. ...bits of songs are missing!

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