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(stealing for that one good rush)
05/28/04 04:44 PM

At the same store I mentioned in this post, I came across a small Beta tape called "David Bowie: Ricochet." It's never even been opened! Made in 1984 and 59 minutes long, it looks like quite a find. Here's what the back fo the box says about the program:

As both a rock artist and an actor, David Bowie has always been a charismatic and blazing presence, with others always years behind him. "Ricochet" allows the audience a rare and fascinating behind the scenes portrait of David Bowie. Filmed entirely on location during his 1983 "Serious Moonlight Tour" against the colorful and exotic background of Singapore, Bangkok and Hong Kong. "Ricochet" also features spellbinding in-concert scenes with Bowie. "Ricochet" is the most intimate look ever at David Bowie, rock 'n' roll's brilliant and controversial superstar."

Unfortunately it looks like it is only mono audio, but that's a small price to pay for an hour-long documentary on the man. Now I just have to get it converted from Beta to VHS so I can watch it.

I'll be seeing YOU in New York, Detroit, Philadelphia, Boston, Kansas City, St. Louis, Washington DC, Moline, Columbus, Wantagh, and Holmdel. So dress sharp.

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