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(cracked actor)
07/18/05 06:24 PM
Re: Space Oddity/David Bowie LP [re: diamondogz74]  

Yeah, well the story behind it goes like this....

One Thursday afternon I was sifting throgh the second hand shops, clothing ones btw in town and didn't turn anything up so I went and had lunch. Whilst munching on such lunch I remembered this one store that I rarely go to. So I popped in by chance and saw a few crates of old records all for $1. I asked the girl at the counter what was in them as they loooked like they were full of the usual Bee Gee best of and crap like that. She said they were brought in by a guy who's Dad had just died and he wanted to offload them.

I started to look through and almost gave up untill something in my head told me to go through them all. Space Oddity was about half way into the last box of records. I almost fell over when I saw it. I knew straight away that I had a super bargain so I snaffled it up.

Only thing was for years I thought it was a 1973 Australian pressing...then the other day I looked at it closer as i've never played it either. It is the UK pressing.

I've seen near mint copies go for up to 400 UK pounds so I was thinking mine would be about 200-300 at best???

Come to thik of it..I feel all my rarest Bowie items have come from bargain bins. My MWSTW cartoon cover LP was only $5, Bowie Now and 1980 All Clear promo LP's both came for under a tenner. My original 1982 David Bowie Derem CD was $7......

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