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09/20/05 02:41 PM
Re: collecting [re: Pablo-Picasso]  

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So when are you going to get around to Tin Machine? You posted this a year and a half ago.

Yeah I did, the thing is Alan when I wrote that post saying that this was an excellent sound "Tin Machine" tracks off the Sound and Vision boxset, I then had several replies saying that the "Tin Machine" tracks selected for the Sound and Vision boxset were not typical "Tin Machine" sounds ( look through the thread and you will see ), I was told those tracks were carefully selected because they sounded more Bowie than "Tin Machine".

Two times in my long devotion to the man called Bowie have I lost my way, once was with Let's Dance, t'other was with "Tin Machine" good lord even Bowie mocks those "Tin Machine" days, I just don't feel at ease with his performing as a band member, a band lead singer? yes, I have yet to be convinced that I would like these albums.

When it comes to Bowie I am a bit of a stick in mud, sorry.

London Bye Ta-Ta...

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