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03/13/06 05:53 PM
BTWN Promo Thinger  

Recently during a local record show, I was taken a back by an actual factual complete Bowie Fashions Pic. Disc held within it's binder all nice like. Well after stealing it for myself, and paying the price requested ($65, and I don't care if it was too much, even if it was too much), I was surprised by the merchant's generosity, insisting that he give me this black Bowie album for no money down. Quite nice in my books, and after further investigation, I came to know the mystery album as a BTWN Promo, complete album with extra songs and folding Bowie Blinds revealing his face and teeth. Now the sticker on the album said $20, but I am wondering if that could be worth more, always interested in unknown investments.

Here is some info if it helps.

This ain't no party, This ain't no Disco, This ain't no fooling around

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