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Adam Administrator
(eden but no sham)
04/30/06 01:19 AM
Ryko Days [re: Pablo-Picasso]  

From memory, the RYKO issues spanned two full years. According to the Guiness Book of Rock Stars, the first three (Space Oddity, The Man Who Sold The World, Hunky Dory) were released on April 4, 1990 and charted at UK #39, UK #66 and UK #64 respectively. Ziggy was released two months later in June and proved the most in demand reissue charting at UK #25. On July 28, Aladdin Sane (UK #43) and Pin Ups (UK #52) were reissued. On Oct 27, Diamond Dogs (UK #67) was reissued. In the next couple months, I purchased my first disc which was Young Americans and I recall a happy summer's day riding home on the bus with Low, "Heroes" and Lodger freshly purchased from Virgin megastore (which had a special display). Scary Monsters was a long wait (perhaps a full year) and Ziggy Motion Picture was some time as well. The latter two were released post Tin Machine II - they both have 1992 printed on them.

Has anyone noticed that the first three reissues (the pre-Ziggy albums) have a different font on the spine? All other RYKOS (including the Yoko Ono and Frank Zappa ones I've seen) use the typically distinctive RYKO italics. Seeing it was my first experience with those albums, I always considered them something of a trilogy.


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