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07/13/06 06:16 AM
Re: Use the bozo facility [re: Strawman]  

Strawman, I can actually take your pisstaking in the manner it is given, and we have had a lot of faux arguments which to the outsider might be considered heated, but which we know were not. However all Prissy does is recycle your jokes, eg the moustache and looking after my mother material. Seriously, if I were you I would sue him for plagarism. Whereas you take the piss out of many people, the last few times prissy has deemed to give us insight into his massive ego he has singled out me, retelling the same shit jokes he has been using for the last few years.

Either someone give him a different joke book to the extremely limited one he is using at the moment, or he can shut the fuck up.

Quite honestly Mark, I don't know what the fuck has gotten into you the last few months, I always liked you, but you are turning into a complete wanker as well.

Why the hell should I use the bozo facility? Then everyone else will still see the bollocks that Prissy writes, I'll be oblivious to his insults, but if someone is insulting me, should I not have the right to reply?

Anyway, this kind of shit should be in the coffee shop, not cluttering up the important Bowie section. Not that the moderators will move it of course, lest Prissy starts a thread in feedback section complaining about the 'heavy handed' methods of the moderators on this site.

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